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Cranbury, NJ 08512


Positive Impact was founded in 1998 with a single mission – to be the most effective, most productive sports and entertainment consulting group in the nation. We work to enhance the image, the success, the profitability and the value of the franchises, the leagues, the facilities, the teams and the corporations that we serve. Today, Positive Impact has established itself as a proven force in the sports and entertainment industry. Building upon a known track record of success in venue management, event production, team organization, sports marketing, and communications, we are well on the way to fulfilling our mission. 




Positive Impact S+E is committed to delivering business solutions to our clients that help them succeed in the sports and entertainment industry. We bring innovative ideas, balanced with proven established business principles that help leagues, teams, conferences, venue developers, facility operators, governments, universities, corporations and entertainment rights-holders meet the challenges they face in the revenue-driven world of sports and entertainment today.    

The assignment can be as diverse as conducting an NCAA basketball game atop an active US Navy aircraft carrier,  the construction of a new state-of-the-art arena in Newark, New Jersey,  assistance with the launch of new leagues such as the XFL (men's pro football league) and the WUSA (women's pro soccer league) or a sports sponsorship review for a corporation. Positive Impact S+E has the resources to assemble the right team to solve large problems and to make quick progress in short-term situations. 

Positive Impact S+E has operated in over 17 countries and its Principals have produced over 4,000 events in front of 80+ million spectators. 


Having been on the client side, we understand the importance of responsiveness plus focus and shared communication. As such, our service is "Five Star". We understand in today's economic climate that there are enormous pressures to hit goals and complete assignments. One of Positive Impact S+E’s major strengths is the experience of knowing how to quickly, professionally and successfully make things happen for an organization, city, team or venue. 

Points of Differentiation

Hard Experience: Positive Impact S+E's Principals have been in the trenches - we know what it takes to be successful,  know what to do to enhance opportunities and know how to respond when the expected course of events change in a fast-paced environment. The many challenges of venue operations, event management and revenue generation are not new to Positive Impact S+Es Founder and CEO Mike Rowe.  As the former Executive Vice President of the Meadowlands Sports Complex, Rowe managed mega events such as the FIFA World Cup at Giants Stadium and the NCAA Final Four at the Continental Airlines Arena, in addition to negotiating leases with professional football, basketball, hockey and soccer teams all while managing the 1,000-plus member staff. As the President of the New Jersey Nets, Rowe managed the business side of the rising NBA franchise while negotiating key agreements such as the team's media deals and creating a state-of-the-art practice facility and corporate headquarters. 

Unique Skill Sets: Having operated the most successful sports & entertainment complex in the USA and as a member of the NBA Board of Governors, Rowe's skill sets cut across traditional lines of demarcation. These skill sets include sales and marketing, operations, venue planning, event management and finance plus the plain ability to get the job done in an effective and timely manner. 

Principal Engagement: Our leadership is involved in all aspects of a client project - - from the initial strategic planning session right through to completion. Positive Impact S+E is a hands-on organization that wants and needs to be involved in all major aspects of a particular assignment or project. Our seasoned veterans always accompany our up and coming young professionals and that knowledge, balance and energy is unmatched in our industry.

High Level Access: With more than 100 combined years of senior management experience, we know who to call to get the right advice or input on behalf of our clients. Positive Impact S+E is an organization that knows the commissioners, the owners, the advertisers and the right people at the highest levels in the world of sports and entertainment.